Chandeliers & Pendant Lights

Luxury Chandeliers & Pendant Lights

Need unique indoor lighting for your home? Make Vintiige your place for luxury chandeliers online and luxury pendant ceiling lights. With free global shipping, we offer an array of LED lights for rooms and spaces of all types such as dining room lightings, stairwells, lobbies and living rooms.

At Vintiige, we are passionate about offering our clients unique lighting design solutions such as our sphere chandeliers, quirky pendant lights and LED lighting. Our artistic chandeliers, rope ceiling lights and glass bubble chandeliers will truly compliment any existing décor or complete your interior design project.

Our exclusive collection of chandeliers, ceiling lights, pendant lights and lamps are handcrafted from premium quality crystals, iron, glass, brass and beads built to last. This boutique collection of chandeliers showcases a range of styles from traditional, rustic, steampunk, 1920s through to contemporary and modern. You are sure to find the perfect chandelier to brighten your home.

At Vintiige, we know that lighting isn’t just to illuminate a room, it can also be a statement or a feature. This is why we make a point of carefully curating unique and rare luxury chandeliers online and luxury pendant ceiling lights, which feature our popular glass ball chandelier, vintage bird cage pendant light, glass bottle pendant lights and Rainmond Firework pendant light to name a few. The Bicycle Ceiling Pendant light is a great example of an alternative to your traditional loft lighting. The Crystal Ballroom Cylinder Stairwell Chandelier offers an opulent solution to vast staircase spaces.

Whether you are looking for the perfect lighting solution to illuminate small spaces, create mood lighting effects for large spaces in hallways, kitchens or bedrooms, we have a solution for you.

We also offer customized luxury chandeliers online and luxury pendant ceiling lights for most of our fixtures. So, if you would like to alter the lighting design to another color, four, five, six LED bulbs or make the lighting shorter or longer, simply EMAIL US or call us on 1 (888) 548 2264 and we can work with you to achieve your dream lights.